Monday, 9 July 2007

Faiz - aaj baazaar mein

A soul-stirring exhortation to action - Faiz working his magic from the prison cell, circa 1959...

aaj baazaar mei.n paa-bajolaa.n chalo

chashm-e-nam, jaa.n-e-shoridaa kaafii nahi.n
tuhmat-e-ishq-poshidaa kaafii nahi.n
aaj baazaar mei.n paa-bajolaa.n chalo

dast-afshaa.n chalo, mast-o-raqsaa.n chalo
khaak bar-sar chalo, khoo.n-ba-daamaa.n chalo
rah taktaa hai sab shahar-e-jaanaa.n chalo

haaqim-e-shahar bhii, majmaa-e-aam bhii
tiir-e-iljaam bhii, sang-e-dushnaam bhii
subh-e-naashaad bhii, roz-e-naakaam bhii

in kaa damsaaz apne sivaa kaun hai
shahar-e-jaanaa.n mei.n ab baa-safaa kaun hai
dast-e-qaatil ke shaayaa.n rahaa kaun hai

rakht-e-dil baandh lo, dil-figaaro.n chalo
phir ham hii qatl ho aaye.n yaaro.n chalo

aaj baazaar mei.n paa-bajolaa.n chalo

आज बाज़ार में पाबजोलां चलो

चश्म-ए-नम, जां-ए-शोरीदा, काफी नहीं
तोहमत-ए-इश्क-पोशीदा काफी नहीं
आज बाज़ार में पाबजोलाँ चलो

दस्त-अफ्शां चलो, मस्त-ओ-रक्सां चलो
ख़ाक बर सर चलो, ख़ून बदामां चलो
राह तकता है सब शहर-ए-जानां चलो

हाकिम-ए-शहर भी, मजमा-ए-आम भी
तीर-ए-इल्ज़ाम भी, संग-ए-दुष्नाम भी
सुब्ह-ए-नाशाद भी, रोज़-ए-नाकाम भी

इन का दमसाज़ अपने सिवा कौन है
शहर-ए-जानां मे अब बासफ़ा कौन है
दस्त-ए-कातिल के शायां रहा कौन है

रख्त-ए-दिल बाँध लो, दिल फिगारो चलो
फिर हमीं क़त्ल हो आयें यारों, चलो

आज बाज़ार मे पाबजोलां चलो

Walk today in the baazaar, (even) with be-shackled feet!

A damp eye, an agitated spirit, are not enough
To be (merely) accused of an illicit love is not enough
Walk today in the baazaar, (even) with be-shackled feet!

Walk waving your hands, dancing with abandon
Walk with dust-covered hair, with blood on your clothes
The entire city of Beloveds awaits you... Walk!

The rulers of the City, (as well as) the common throngs
The arrows of blame, (as well as) the stones of infamy
The joyless mornings, (as well as) the helpless days

Who, other than us, is their ally (today)?
Who is still blameless in this City of Beloveds?
Who still remains worthy of the executioner's hands?

Tie up the baggage of the heart, (and) with wounded hearts walk
Let us again be the ones to be martyred, my friends... let's walk!

Walk in the baazaar today, (even) with be-shackled feet!!

Brings a lump to your throat, doesn't it?? If this isn't the stuff revolutions are made of, I don't know what is...!!

The 'walk in the baazaar today' is meant to be, of course, an appeal (to passive onlookers) to 'come out in the public' (in open rebellion)... perhaps a more meaningful translation of the title line might have been something like 'march out on the streets today, (despite the) chains on your feet!'

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